playing music!

Music and I have had a pretty volatile relationship- just keeping it real. We have learned to love each other with a passion, but it definitely didn’t start out that way. I’ve been singing since I was little- probably 3 or 4.  Mostly to the stuffed animals in my room and never to any actual humans who could hear me.  When I was 12, I found the courage to expand outside of my teddy bear and was cast as the lead in a school musical that was being performed at a HUGE fundraiser. Let’s just say that it required that I play an angsty teenager, learn to rap and wear an extremely large hat. I’ll break it down for you:

“The cat in the hat, I am that- does anyone here have a problem with that?? I do what I want and I want to raise cain.  I want what I want, I don’t have to explain!”

Forever burned in my memory.  Also forever burned are the video tapes.

Needless to say, it was a long time before I sang in public again.  It terrified me! (and for the most part, still does.) At some point in there, I picked up a guitar and started learning a few chords.  That’s when music and I fell in love again.

Songwriting and worship is what made it all worth it to me.  I still feel like throwing up and/or passing out every time I sing in public (it’s actually happened before- story for another day!) but now it’s for the purpose of expressing something that God’s been teaching me through song, being vulnerable about a hard time in my life because it might help someone else, appreciating a song that someone else wrote or worshipping my Jesus.  All these are things I can get behind 🙂

playing music with ricky.

I have done the Nashville/Producer thing- but really feel that my place is singing to my community.  Going to the street corners, churches, bars, coffee shops- trying to encourage my people! Jesus and I are still trying to figure out how large my idea of “community” should be.  I’m all for community meaning just my immediate family- but He’s been stretching me out of my comfort zone and has given me some amazing opportunities to sing to people that are not related to me. It brings so much joy to my life and it’s something I am learning to really love.  Thank’s for reading and listening!

For booking, contact:

Can provide Bose Sound System (multi-room capacity) for live venues, if needed.


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