hellooo internet.

well, I guess this is really happening.  I am officially going to open up my soul for the world wide web to see.

I love blogs- always have and always will.  Long ago, before the phenomenon that is now facebook, there was xanga.   I’m talking pre-myspace days.  The pioneer of social networking, people.  So- I may have made that last part up.  I am getting old.

The premise of xanga was simple: blogging.  There was no tagging pictures or writing on walls or “checking in” to exciting places you go on the weekends (is it socially acceptable for someone to check into the grocery store if that’s the most exciting place they’ve been lately? this may be why I don’t have a facebook.)  All this is to say it. was. awesome.  Sure, we were in high school.  Sure, some of the topics involved the latest purchase we made at american eagle (orange pants, what?!) or who was dating who… but somewhere along the way there was a shift away from the mundane and into the vulnerable, real things that mattered to us.

We poured our souls out into those journals- took risks, opened ourselves up to judged.  We wrote about Jesus, our failures, our fears.  We made hilarious jokes that aren’t really that hilarious now that I read them 10 years later…

People would read and relate and be encouraged- or disagree and challenge.  Either way, it kept the conversation going.  Kept us wanting to learn and to share.

The moral of this story comes down to the fact that I recently stumbled upon my old xanga (yes! they do still exist!) and was stunned to see that God is still teaching me some of the same lessons that he was back then.  I still struggle with finding my identity and beauty in Jesus.  I still yearn for something more than just church on sundays.   I am still awkward and do extremely embarassing things.

In a culture where we write on walls and look at the pictures we’re all tagged in- I want to see if I can keep the conversation going.  i realize that no one will probably read this and the conversation will most likely be with myself or someone related to me- but that’s ok! I want a record of the things I learn, the times that I fall in public and the moments I understand God’s love just a little bit more.  If other people happen to read and are encouraged (or disagree and challenge!) than that is the cherry on the the cake that is this blog.  Man- that was cheesy.

thanks for reading (mom.)

lots of love!



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